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The Comeback Challenge

The Comeback Challenge

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If you love my training style & want to build a strong and feminine shape, then this program is for YOU. My training methods are designed to take your workouts to the next level & improve your overall physique, body composition, and performance.
SHRED is a 8 week workout plan focused on challenging every muscle group for the ultimate heart pumping, fat burning workout. This program is perfect for you if you want to work towards your shredding goals and achieve a lean, sculpted physique.

LATEST 8 Week Shred program
WORKOUTS: GYM or HOME based training program with the option to switch whenever you need.
Training split: 6 training days per week; 1x glutes & hamstrings, 1x back & biceps, 1x glutes & quads, 1x chest, triceps & shoulders, 1x total lower body and 1x abs + HIIT day.
Training focus: Resistance training with higher rep and set ranges, coupled with slower tempo so each and every muscle can feel the burn whilst promoting greater energy expenditure for fat loss.
Home equipment needed: Dumbbells, booty bands, long resistance band.

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